01 Sep 2016
Moltex gets coverage in Bloomberg, The Telegraph & The Times

14 Jul 2016
Moltex Energy Publishes Cost of Electricity
In an interview with Nuclear Energy Insider Moltex reveals its overnight capital cost of under $2/W based on an independent cost estimate by a leading UK engineering firm. Further reductions to this overnight cost are expected for modularised construction. For comparison, the capital cost of a modern pulverised coal power station in the U.S. is $3.25/W and the cost of Hinkley Point C is $7.46/W.
T ...

08 Jul 2016
Moltex Energy Meets World Leaders
Moltex Energy was invited to exhibit at the Clean Energy Ministerial (CEM7) and the inauguration event of Mission Innovation in San Francisco, June 2016. We discussed our development plans with the US Secretary of Energy, Ernest Moniz who understood the near term readiness of the Stable Salt Reactor.  The team explained the safety benefits to the Lord Bourne of Aberystwyth, Parliamentary Und ...

28 Mar 2016
Moltex Energy and Canada
Moltex Energy has opened discussions with the Canadian nuclear regulator, the CNSC, about the potential for using the CNSC pre-licensing vendor design review to examine the licensability of the Stable Salt Reactor. Several small reactor companies are considering this approach, including our colleagues in the molten salt field at Terrestrial Energy. This reflects the flexible, principles rather tha ...

28 Mar 2016
UK Government Small Modular Reactor assessment
The UK government is exploring the potential for small modular nuclear reactors to complement current plans for large conventional reactors. Moltex Energy was invited to provide input to the second stage of this process, the Small Modular Reactor Techno-Economic Assessment which completed in March 2016. The Chancellor announced in the Spring budget that the third stage, a competition to identify t ...

27 Oct 2015
Moltex Energy joins New Nuclear Watch Europe
We are delighted to have joined New Nuclear Watch Europe (NNWE), the exciting pro-nuclear innovation association. Founded in 2014 by Tim Yeo, former Chair of the House of Commons’ Energy & Climate Change Select Committee, NNWE’s mission is to support the vital role of nuclear power in decarbonizing the EU’s energy supply.

We are honoured to have joined such a prestigious organ ...

16 Oct 2015
Moltex Energy’s Managing Partner speaks at Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Dr Ian Scott, inventor of Stable Salt Reactor Technology, has addressed Oak Ridge National Laboratory as part of ORNL’s commemoration of the 50th anniversary of the Molten Salt Reactor Experiment’s first operation. Dr Scott spoke to leading nuclear experts and Molten Salt Reactor technologists from around the world as part of a major symposium assessing the past, present and future of ...

13 Oct 2015
Inventor of Stable Salt Reactor Technology addresses Bhabha Atomic Research Centre, India
Dr Ian Scott, our Managing Partner, received a welcoming and enthusiastic reception from India's leading nuclear scientists and engineers at the Thorium Energy Conference 15, which is being held at the Bhabha Atomic Research Centre, India’s premier nuclear R&D centre, near Mumbai.

After a period of enthusiasm in the 1970s, India is once again seriously investigating the potential of ...

08 Jul 2015
Independent feasibility study: Moltex's Stable Salt Reactor Technology is most promising for UK
Independent consultancy Energy Process Developments has released the results of its year-long study of the feasibility of various Molten Salt Reactors for the UK. EPD’s study, which was co-funded by InnovateUK and is the first of its kind, assessed six different Molten Salt Reactor designs for various criteria including basic technical feasibility, “licensability&rd ...

28 Mar 2015
Platts Energy Economist reviews the SSR
Platts Energy Economist has published a review and commentary on the Stable Salt Reactor written by its Managing Editor Ross McCracken. Energy Economist is a subscription only journal targeted at senior executives in the Energy and Energy Finance sectors. We have however generously been given permission to make the article available here.

11 Mar 2015
Moltex Energy presents at Culham Centre for Fusion Energy
Ian Scott from Moltex Energy presented a seminar on the Stable Salt Reactor to an enthusiastic and interested audience at the Culham Centre for Fusion Energy, home of the Joint European Torus which is at the heart of very long term efforts to tame fusion energy for peaceful use. It was a unique meeting of those planning to solve the economic challenge of nuclear energy quickly with those seeking a ...

15 Dec 2014
Stable Salt Reactor patent granted in the UK
Moltex Energy's key patent protecting the invention of using molten salt nuclear fuel in static fuel tubes was filed in February 2014 and granted in December 2014. This extraordinarily fast process was made possible by the UK patent office's "green" fast track which puts inventions strategically important to the UK's plans to decarbonise its economy on a priority basis. The fast process was also m ...